miércoles, 10 de marzo de 2010

He mele no lilo :D

Hii~ ! I know .. I been a lot of days without a new update , I'm tired of seeing that I'm talking alone ! xD and well .. I'm not writing in spanish anymore .. I rather practice my english cause I have a really poor vocabulary ù.u ..

This morning I went to a chinese restaurant with mother and then to Lefties *_* I'm addicted lo lefties , mother bought me this but mother only had to pay her jacket cause they forgiven my sweatshirt xDD and bought me this stitch cushion

thats my kittycat Bocoya :D he really seems that wants to kill you .. no ? xDD 

this afternoon I was at noe's house helping her with things of the presentation's theatre of her "hoguera" (means fire in english , its a traditional festival )

see ya~ ! (LL)

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